Community Etiquette

WELCOME TO THE SWITCH, welcome to Uncommon Living.

Make yourself at home amongst like-minded young professionals, students, creatives, life learners and entrepreneurs in a movement tailored to the next generation. 

The following community etiquette forms part of conditions outlined in your Residential Tenancy Agreement or Occupancy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as ‘Agreement’), and are to be read in conjunction with the terms of your Agreement. By living at The Switch, we ask that you respect the following etiquette designed to create a positive and inclusive environment for all:


a. Our team will equip you with all of the information and intel you require to make The Switch. This process will start before you arrive. This process is designed to introduce how everything works in your new home and start to connect you to other members of the community, to make your transition seamless.

b. Our community team is here to support our members in many different ways. Please feel free to approach one of our team if you need anything during your stay.


A) Fire Safety

i. Members are required to familiarise themselves with fire safety related instructions, building evacuation maps and routes during the first week of their arrival.

ii. It is an offence under law to tamper with, cover or remove fire equipment within your apartment or in any other parts within the premises. This includes but not limited to fire detectors, sprinklers, fire prevention devices and emergency announcement equipment. You may be subjected to fines or charges associated with false alarms and fire indicator panel faults due to your negligent or unauthorized use of fire equipment.

iii. All fire routes, doors and stairways must be kept clear at all times.

iv. Cooking must only be done in the kitchen or designated barbecue areas and do not leave the cooktop, oven or other cooking appliances unattended whilst they are in operation. Members should not use any additional cooking appliances such as hot plates, rice cookers, frying pans, woks etc outside designed kitchen or barbecue areas including within their rooms unless approved by one of our team.

v. Candles, incense or any sort of explosive, inflammable items or materials are not permitted within the premises.

vi. In the interest of safety, appliances deemed with a level of fire hazard are prohibited within the premises such as portable heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers etc. We encourage you to check with our team if you have questions regarding the use of electrical equipment. In all instances, we will do our best to support your request but reserve the right to reject certain items based on safety considerations.

vii. Members are required to follow instructions of our community team, fire brigade, police or emergency rescue personnel in the event of an emergency or fire evacuation.

viii. If you or your guest have set off the fire alarm which results in a fire brigade call out, you will be responsible for paying for the fire brigade call out fee regardless of whether or not the fire alarm is set off intentionally or unintentionally by you or your guest.

B) Hygiene and Cleanliness

i. Please ensure to keep your room and shared common spaces in a clean and tidy state for the benefit of all members. Cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners, mops etc are free to use by members. If you need them, just reach out to our community team. Charges may be incurred per our Fees & Charges Schedule if the cleanliness of your apartment is not satisfactory during routine room inspections.

ii. The Condition Report you had agreed upon on your arrival will be the reference guide on how your apartment should be kept during your stay. At the end of your tenancy a final inspection will take place and cleaning charges may be incurred if your apartment’s check-out conditions do not meet the condition report subject to normal wear and tear.

iii. We are keen to avoid blockages to facilities such as toilets, shower drains or sinks and we care about our environment so please dispose of items in the correct location.

iv. We love pets as much as you do however to be fair to all of our members we unfortunately cannot allow furry friends.

v. Nobody enjoys taking the rubbish out so that’s why we make it easier by providing bin chutes on every level. We care about the environment so please help by following the easy instructions and recycling. For larger items that do not fit into the bin chute please take them to the large bin provided. It’s a real pain for everyone if the bin chute gets blocked by bigger items so thank you for making the trip.

vi. Please avoid hanging personal items, clothes or linen in windows, balconies, terraces or rooftops. Communal washing and drying machines are provided to all our members located in our communal spaces.

C) Security

i. Your safety is paramount to us. Each of The Switch communities come with state-of-the art security features including a smartphone activated door access system, CCTV cameras positioned in entry and exit points, communal areas and lifts. Our community team is also trained to follow rigid safety and security protocols. However, we do have a few extra tips that help to keep our members safe:

ii. As a member we ask you to give us one of your best photos as a proof of your identity upon check-in (and we are happy to take one for you). This is to ensure you and other members’ security within the community and rest assured your image will only be used for identification purposes and such use will strictly adhere to privacy legislation in Australia.

iii. Report any suspicious person(s) to the community team immediately. Call the emergency phone number (if available) if your safety is threatened within the premises. 

iv. Watch for any people tailgating behind you when you enter the property and lifts. It is best practice to ensure they also use their electronic key to enter into the property.

v. You should not at any time hand over your key to other people, be it your key card or your digital key via the mobile phone app.


a. As a member of our community, you have a right to quietly enjoy your stay. Therefore, behaviours that will cause a nuisance or inconvenience to other members should be avoided at all times. We ask for you to be respectful of other members, please.

b. No smoking is allowed within any parts of the premises including balconies or terraces. Drugs and prohibited substances are not allowed. You may be subjected to a deep cleaning charge to re-instate your apartment or any other areas due to smoking, vaping or illegal use of substances if necessary.

c. When alcohol is consumed it must be in a responsible manner. No alcohol is allowed for members under the age of 18.

d. Discrimination or racism will not be tolerated. We respect each other regardless of gender, cultural, racial background and sexual orientation.

e. Sexual harassment is unlawful under all circumstances in Australia. We hope you will feel comfortable to report any unwanted harassment to the community team immediately. 

f. Please be considerate of your neighbours. No events with a commercial or financial benefit are allowed without a written consent from the community team.

g. Sub-letting is not permitted. You are not permitted to conduct a business of any sort from your room, common area or any other part of the premises.

h. Unauthorised entry to other member’s private bedroom or apartment either by yourself or your guests will not be tolerated. Unauthorised use of vacant bedrooms, common areas not stated in your Agreement will be subject to a charge for cleaning or damage. The community team reserves absolute right to ask the person(s) who cause a nuisance to other members to leave our premises.


A) Parcels & Delivery

i. Retrieving parcels is simple at The Switch. We have designated automated parcel lockers. You will be notified when your parcel arrives via text or email. Easy, contactless and available to you 24/7.

ii. The letting address on your Agreement is the one that all couriers should use. Inserting the correct address (which includes your apartment number/letter) is key to avoiding disappointment of not receiving your parcels.

iii. All food delivery personnel can only go as far as the entrance/welcome lounge. That’s for the interest of all our members to keep everyone safe. So please always organise to meet your food delivery in the lobby or at the front door of the property. 

B) Fitness Studio & Yoga Space

i. We have Conditions of Entry to our fitness studio. Take some time to read it through and ensure you understand all conditions before you start using the space. The use of the fitness studio is for free but also comes with certain risks. We have a personal trainer during community office hours to answer your questions.

ii. Follow operating instructions of each fitness studio equipment and familiarise how each equipment works before exercise.

iii. Our fitness studio operator is here to bring the fitness studio and yoga space to life. They also provide you with access to personal training sessions at a cost and our personal trainer will also be able to keep an eye on safety and compliance. As part of the deal we also make the fitness studio available to a wider community on a membership basis. We are here to serve our members, but also the local community.

iv. If you are not sure how to use a particular piece of equipment do feel free to ask. We are afraid that damage to equipment or any part of the space may result in you being charged for repair or re-instatement.

v. Priority will be given to our members. If you would like to bring in your mates to co-exercise please do speak to the community team on how membership works for non-Switch members.

vi. Please wear appropriate gym clothing and bring a towel when in the facility.

C) Co-Working Space

i. Members have free access to designated common areas which includes co-working space.

ii. Our co-working spaces are also open to like-minded young professionals, creatives, life learners and entrepreneurs who may not be residing in our properties under a membership model (if applicable).  We like to create a playground of shared spaces where you can unleash your creativity and nurture relationships. So, we encourage you to embrace them.

D) Honesty Kitchen (If Applicable)

i. The Honesty Kitchen is a great invention providing a bespoke selection of snacks, drinks and food items to enhance members’ and their guests’ convenience to food and drinks especially outside normal dining hours. It is for you 24/7.

ii. Simply complete the registration each time you grab a drink or snack to pay for your item. 

iii. We hope you will be honest and pay for your items so we can continue to deliver this service to our community members.

E) Your Bedroom or Apartment

i. The community team and/or authorised contractors may access your bedroom or shared premise for purposes outlined in your Agreement and you acknowledge such access will be granted as long as notice is given according to terms set out in your Agreement.

ii. Report to the community team for any maintenance issues either in your bedroom, shared areas or other common spaces. Please do not carry out any repairs or maintenance works yourself.

iii. Under an emergency the community team, its authorised contractors, police or emergency service personnel may enter your bedroom or apartment without prior notice. However, such entry will be strictly limited to extreme circumstances such as urgent repair, life threatening issues such as fire, flood, or medical concerns.


a) 1 parent is permitted to stay with their son/daughter for a Parent Orientation Stay upon the initial check in to help them acclimate and get comfortable in their new space where;

i. The parent is staying with their child in their booked apartment.

ii. The room booked is a self-contained studio / 1 bed apartment.

iii. The room contains a double bed or larger.

iv. The stay is no longer than 5 nights.

v. The Switch is notified at least 72 hours prior to the stay.

vi. The member is over the age of 18 upon check-in.


a) We welcome guests and visitors of members, as long as guests and visitors adhere to the same etiquette set out in this document. If you have guests or visitors coming
over, you are required to accompany them at all times.

b) One guest is allowed for members living in a self-contained studio or one bedroom apartment for overnight stays and such stay must be no more than 5 consecutive nights and must be no more than 15 nights in aggregate during a 12 month period. Overnight stay of a guest is not allowed without the presence of the member in the apartment. No overnight guest is allowed for members under the age of 18. 

c) Members in shared apartments should seek consent from flatmates before they invite guest(s). No guest overnight stay is allowed in shared apartments.


a) Room Move

i. You may move rooms with written consent from the community team. Under such circumstances you are required to enter into a new tenancy agreement and a room move charge may incur as per our Fees and Charges Schedule.

b) Early Termination

i. As you have entered into a legally binding agreement you are responsible for all the payments of rental fees under the agreed terms set out in your Agreement. 

ii. If you wish to transfer your tenancy to another eligible person you are required to go through a tenancy take over process. 

c) Additional Occupant

i. We allow dual occupancy in designated room types. You are required to register dual occupancy either at the time of your booking or before your check-in. Failure to do so may result in your request being rejected by the community team.

d) Check-Out Inspection

i. Prior to the end of your Agreement, the community team will agree with you on the date and time of a final room inspection. You must follow departure guidelines and complete the inspection together with a community team member.

ii. The inspection outcome will be shared with you in writing and we will state any charges that may incur from the final inspection. You will be given 48 hours to review, dispute or agree on the outcome. All outstanding charges and rents must be paid before 10:00am on the end date of your Agreement.

iii. For applicable fees and charges please refer to the Fees & Charges Schedule available from a team member. We reserve the right to make amendments to the Fees and Charges Schedule without advanced notice.


At The Switch community we are committed to fair treatment of our members. We have a dispute resolution policy which is available for you to access on our website or alternatively ask a community team member. All our staff are trained to follow internal protocols to resolve conflicts, disputes which may arise from time to time during your stay. 


a) “Etiquette” means all etiquettes outlined in this document which apply to all members living in a Switch community.

b) “Residential Tenancy Agreement”, “Agreement” or “Tenancy Agreement” means the agreement executed between the resident and the landlord’s legal entity.

c) “Members” or “Member” means a tenant or tenants residing in a Switch branded community.

d) “Premises” or “Community” means the space within the boundaries of the building which the member resides in.

e) “Fees & Charges Schedule” means the schedule outlining cost of items associated with the premises.

Last Update: 04/07/2024