10 Essential Environmental Documentaries and Series to watch in 2024

In an era where climate change and environmental degradation are among the most pressing issues facing our planet, popular docs and series are powerful tools for raising awareness and inspiring action. In this article we highlight ten of the most important environmental documentaries and series to watch in 2024, showcasing the beauty of our planet, the consequences of our actions, and the urgent need for change.



Exposure (2022)

Made by director Holly Morris and cinematographers Kathryn Barrows and Ingeborg Jakobsen, Exposure shows the extraordinary expedition of women across the Arctic, highlighting resilience and global citizenship amidst climate challenges. This documentary is a testament to the power of human spirit and the urgent need to address global warming, making it a must-watch for those interested in adventure, empowerment, and environmental stewardship.

EXPOSURE. Holly MOrris © 2022

Powerlands (2022)

In Powerlands, a young Navajo filmmaker explores the impact of extractive industries across continents, focusing on Indigenous resistance. This poignant documentary sheds light on the often-overlooked consequences of resource extraction on indigenous lands and communities, making a compelling case for the rights of Indigenous peoples and the preservation of our planet.

POWERLANDS. Camille Manybeads Tso © 2022

Sisters in Arms (2023)

Sisters in Arms chronicles the activism of six young women around the globe: Anuna and Adélaïde (Belgium), Luisa (Germany), Léna (France), Leah (Uganda) and Mitzi (Philippines), drawing connections with past environmental movements. This inspiring documentary showcases the determination and courage of the youth leading the fight against climate change, emphasizing the role of solidarity and activism in driving societal transformation.

Sisters in arms (Soers de combat) by Henri de Gerlache
SISTERS IN ARMS (orig. title: SOERS DE COMBAT). Henri de Gerlache © 2022

The Mud on Their Hands (2022)

This documentary by filmmaker Jason Whalen tells the story of community resilience in the face of climate change-induced disasters. Through personal stories and on-the-ground footage, it highlights the human cost of environmental neglect and the strength of communities coming together to rebuild and resist further destruction.

THE MUD ON THEIR HANDS. Jason Whalen © 2022

Climate Crisis: Draught (2023)

If you haven’t seen it by now, 2024 is the year to watch one of the best environmental documentaries, narrated by the venerable David Attenborough. Climate Crisis: Draught examines the escalating issue of droughts worldwide, attributing them to climate change. This documentary is crucial for understanding the global water crisis, its impact on human and ecological systems, and the steps necessary to mitigate its effects.


Series and TV Shows

Our Great National Parks (Netflix) (2022)

Narrated by Barack Obama, Our Great National Parks explores the beauty and significance of national parks around the globe. This series not only highlights the wonders of nature but also stresses the importance of conservation efforts to protect these precious ecosystems for future generations.

Barack Obama in Our Great National Parks by Netflix

To The End (You Tube on demand) (2023)

To The End highlights the efforts of women of colour championing the Green New Deal, amidst the backdrop of climate policy challenges in the U.S. This series is a powerful reminder of the intersectionality of environmental justice, politics, and the vital role of activism in shaping a sustainable future.

TO THE END. Rachel Lears © 2023

High Water (Netflix) (2022)

High Water is a fictionalised account of the devastating Central European Flood of 1997, reflecting on the human and governmental responses to natural disasters. This Polish series offers a gripping look at the consequences of climate change and the importance of preparedness and resilience in the face of natural catastrophes.

HIGH WATER. Netflix © 2022

Polar Bear (Disney+) (2022)

Polar Bear offers a poignant look at the life of polar bears in the Arctic, emphasizing the impacts of climate change on their survival. This heart-touching narrative serves as a powerful call to action to protect these magnificent creatures and their shrinking habitat.

POLAR BEAR. Disney © 2022

Down to Earth with Zac Efron: Down Under Season 2 (Netflix)

In this season, Zac Efron explores sustainability and conservation efforts in Australia, focusing on habitat conservation, waste, and eco-innovation. Through his adventures, viewers are offered practical insights into how individuals and communities can contribute to a healthier planet.



These ten environmental documentaries and series to watch 2024 are not just entertainment; they are a clarion call for awareness, action, and change. By showcasing the beauty of our planet, the consequences of our actions, and the stories of resilience and activism, they inspire us to become better stewards of the Earth. Watching these films and series can profoundly impact our perspectives and encourage us to contribute to the global efforts to combat environmental degradation and climate change.

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