Revolutionising Parcel Delivery in Australia and New Zealand: The Groundfloor™ Journey

In the bustling urban landscapes of Australia and New Zealand, Melbourne-based prop-tech company Groundfloor™ is pioneering a revolution in parcel management. Their sustainable delivery is changing how buildings handle goods distribution—from parcels and dry cleaning to food and retail collections.

Groundfloor sustainable delivery systems
Groundfloor™ Locker System at the Switch Perth. Image by Groundfloor™

The Spark That Ignited a Revolution

The inception of Groundfloor™ was spurred by the ubiquitous ‘Sorry We Missed You’ card—a signal of missed connections in the traditional parcel delivery system. Determined to tackle this inefficiency, Groundfloor™ embarked on a mission not just locally but also looked abroad, identifying the burgeoning e-commerce market in the USA as a fertile ground for their innovative solutions. Since its first system installation in a East Melbourne apartment in July 2018, Groundfloor™ has rapidly expanded. Today it is catering to diverse buildings across Australia and New Zealand.

Designing With Efficiency in Mind

Groundfloor™ systems are crafted with the users at the forefront—facility managers, parcel recipients, couriers, retailers, and their customers. By accommodating deliveries from any delivery company and scaling to any size of building, Groundfloor™ ensures 24/7 convenience. The system not only eliminates delivery inefficiencies but also offers robust support, available seven days a week.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

One of Groundfloor™’s core missions is to enhance the sustainability of urban environments. With over 1 billion parcels delivered annually in Australia, the traditional delivery methods contribute significantly to road congestion and carbon emissions. Groundfloor™’s smart lockers guarantee first-attempt delivery success, reducing the need for redelivery or secondary pickup locations.

Centralising Deliveries, Minimising Footprint

By centralising parcel deliveries in precincts serving multiple buildings, Groundfloor™ reduces the carbon footprint per parcel. Couriers no longer need to traverse multiple floors or buildings; instead, they deliver directly to a centralised smart locker system. This saves time and cuts down on emissions associated with delivery vehicles circling for parking. Groundfloor’s smart delivery systems allow eight couriers to use one parking spot, compared to just one without these systems.

The Future of Parcel Delivery

As the demand for efficient, eco-friendly delivery solutions grows, Groundfloor™ remains at the forefront. Their smart technology and innovative approach represent a shift. In a world where sustainability is increasingly prioritised by consumers, efficient delivery systems are not mere amenities, but necessities.

Groundfloor™ is not just enhancing how parcels are delivered. It’s paving the way for smarter, greener, and more efficient urban living environments. As parcel volumes continue to climb, the role of smart and sustainable delivery systems like those offered by Groundfloor™ will become increasingly vital, marking a new era in the logistics of modern urban life.

Here at The Switch, we are proud to be partnering with Groundfloor in our building in Perth. If you want to read more about how we make a difference at The Switch, have a read here.

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