Things You Should Know Before Moving To Australia 

So, you’ve made the decision, you’re going to move to Australia to study abroad – how exciting! Australia is a great place to move as a young person, the culture and lifestyle is relaxed and fun, and no doubt you’ll gain so much from living here. Aside from the things you’ll learn by living abroad, our education system is top notch. It is a unique opportunity and we’re excited for you. We just want to make sure you’re all sorted before you embark on your big adventure! So these are the things you should know before moving to Australia:

Moving to Australia

Applying For Your Student Visa

Before you take the long haul flight down under, there are some things you should know when moving here as an international student. Once you have these things sorted, you’ll be well on your way. First things first, applying for a Student Visa. There are two types of student visas, depending on your situation:

  1. Subclass 500 Student Visa – permits you to study a full-time course for up to five years at a recognised Australian university. 
  2. Subclass 407 Training Visais a temporary residence visa that permits you to participate in occupational training activities. 

Once you receive your Letter of Offer and Confirmation of Enrolment, you can start applying for your visa. There are a few steps in between, including an English proficiency test, and proof of funds requirement. This will all be explained to you once you begin the process. How much does it cost? You can expect to spend around $710 AUD on your student visa. However this figure might vary a little depending on a few factors.

Get To Know The Australian University System

The Australian University education system is unique and focuses on a more practical and critical learning experience. This is why it’s such a popular place to study. The university system uses a combination of lectures, tutorials and practical study which offers students a well-rounded understanding of their chosen field of study. Each state has a different grading system – you can find a great guide here.

Plan Your Budget

An important part of planning your overseas study is to have a budget. Understanding the cost of living in Australia is pivotal – from rent, food, transport and some extra for your social life! Living in the big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide can be a little more expensive, but budgeting can really help you. A lot of students also like to get a part-time job that fits in with their study timetable. It is suggested to ensure you have at least $1750 AUD a month, according to the Department of Home Affairs, to ensure you live comfortably!

At The Switch Accomodation, you can enquire to see what your rent would cost per month, and then you can budget from there! The Switch is a comfortable and affordable option for international students. Another tip relating to your finances would be to open up an Australian bank account. This way you can easily pay rent, bills and other daily costs without additional fees, and it is super easy to open a bank account online.

Health Insurance

Something else to know before moving to Australia is, that health insurance is mandatory for international students. It is required as part of your student visa. It”s called the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and it will directly cover the cost of doctor visits, hospital charges, ambulance service and some medicines.

It is important to note that some countries have a reciprocal agreement with Australia. International students from New Zealand, UK, US, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Sweden, Malta, Norway, The Republic of Ireland and Finland have access to essential medical services which are covered by Medicare. If you’re not from one of these countries, then you’ll be required to purchase OSHC. We think it is good to know you will be covered in the event that something happens!

Working As An International Student

Lots of international students like to get a part time job whilst studying down under, to help with their finances! Living on an international student visa does have some conditions as to how much you can work, which is currently up to 48 hours over a fortnightly (2 week) period. Securing a part-time job won’t only help you economically, but also give you a great experience working in a foreign country, learning things about Australian society and lifestyle. We think it’s a great idea and will allow you to immerse yourself further into the culture here!

Getting To Know Australian Culture And People

We think you’ll fall in love with the Australian way of life pretty quickly. What you should know, if you’re coming from the Northern Hemisphere, is that our seasons are completely opposite. If you are here for Christmas, it definitely won’t be snowing, and you’ll probably need to be near a beach or pool to cool down.

Another important thing to note is the country’s diversity and rich multiculturalism. Australia is a melting pot of many cultures, races, religions and languages. That’s one of the reasons why the country is so fantastic. You’ll have access to an abundance of different foods and restaurants whilst living here, it is so fun to embrace!

Aussies also have unique slang, and sometimes we like to talk quite fast. For some, our accent might be a little tough to understand. But we think you’ll pick up all of our quirky terms and sayings pretty quickly. You can find our guide to Aussie slang here! It is all part of the journey, and maybe you might go home with some of the sayings!


Australia is a remarkable place, full of diversity and unique culture. Coming here as an international student will offer you fantastic opportunities. No doubt you will make memories to last a lifetime! Now you know what to consider before moving to Australia. So what are you waiting for? Start the process of applying for your visa and get ready for your journey down under!