Start Your Journey To Self Acceptance: How To Fall In Love With Yourself

The relationship with yourself is the foundation for all the other relationships in your life. So take these steps in your journey to self acceptance.

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Like any relationship, you need constant attention to make sure you are receiving everything you need to feel happy. And that you keep your wellbeing fulfilled with a sense of appreciation. The practice of self love isn’t something that’s taught to us in school. And with most of the influences from the media and mainstream industries making money from your lack of self love and acceptance, it’s essential to start having your own back. Starting today.

‘Falling in love with yourself’ doesn’t make you arrogant or self obsessed. It helps you to move past the harsh self judgments and inner critic we all have that leaves you wanting to be someone – or something – else. Have you ever noticed yourself thinking I would be happier if I was smarter, prettier, richer, more popular, more athletic. The list goes on. This is a sign it’s time to break up with your self doubt and fall in love with yourself.

Start to become aware of your inner dialog, notice the way you speak to yourself. Would you speak that way to your friends? How often do you focus on what you don’t like about yourself
instead of what you notice is beautiful and unique about yourself? These harsh self judgments and comparisons are what’s holding you back from accepting yourself as you are. Which is where the seed of self love starts. Meditation is one of the key tools to helping you create awareness around how you are talking to yourself. So try setting aside 5/10 minutes a day to help realign your mindset and cultivate more self acceptance. Better yet, get yourself into a morning routine to aid that mindfulness.

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The First Step to Self Acceptance: The Attitude of Gratitude

In the process of cultivating self acceptance, start to focus on what you think your strengths are. What you’re good at. What you think people appreciate about you. And what you like about yourself. Practice being grateful for the skills and qualities you have to help build and establish your self esteem.

We’d suggest to start a gratitude journal and write down what you thought you did well each day or something you are proud that you achieved that day. This trains the recognition of what you love about yourself and your life. It could be as simple as being proud that you got up with enough time to get ready, stretch and eat a healthy breakfast so you didn’t feel rushed getting to your 9am lecture at university. It’s the little things in life!

Look After Your Body – It Is Your Home!

Your physical state is one of the founding influences to how you feel about yourself. Your posture, breath, mobility and health all affect your mental and emotional state of being. So if you’re not feeling confident in your body or you’re feeling a bit rundown, take a moment to check that you are holding your spine tall, your shoulders are relaxed and you’re taking big clear breaths.

Schedule in time to move in ways that make you feel vital and happy. It could be anything from dancing to yoga or simply going for a walk in nature. Exercise gives you endorphins which are little happy hormone love notes to your body. Your body is online all day everyday trying its best to keep you in good health and bring you back into harmony when you’re feeling stressed or tired. So practice listening to your body and supporting it by keeping it vital and healthy. Treat it like someone you love, cook it beautiful meals and make sure you let it rest when it tells you to do so. These self care tips will help give you a kick start to self acceptance!

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Create Goals and Have Something to Work Towards.

Setting yourself up for success helps you generate self confidence. The most empowering thing you can do for yourself is to get clear on what you want and create a plan to help you achieve it. It feels good to have something to work towards, and to have goals that keep us growing and reaching beyond where we are. It’s part of our human complexity and it keeps us driven. Having goals also helps to keep you inspired in the practice of nourishing yourself and creating time for self care so that you have the vitality to keep working towards creating your dreams. Goals ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and trust yourself that you can build a life you want. So be your own biggest cheerleader, map out what you want and the steps that will help you get there.

Your ability to love yourself is the greatest thing you’ll ever establish. But it’s an ongoing relationship that needs to be nourished. When you start to accept and love yourself, you are able to be more present and enjoy what is in front of you. All whilst giving more to the people around you – creating a more for filling and enjoyable lifestyle. For you.