Self Care Tips to De-Stress From Your Hectic University Life

If you’re busy juggling work, uni and your social life, you can often find yourself feeling stressed so it’s important to know how to employ some self care practices so follow these tips to de-stress and unwind so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for your next adventure. 

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Self care is one way you refuel yourself so you’re not trying to run with your tank on empty. Self care activities help you to not only nourish your physical well being but also helps to keep you feeling emotionally balanced, boosts your mental health and protects you from the whirlwind we can sometimes find ourselves getting swept up in. Here are 11 simple self care tips to de-stress from a busy day.

De-stress Tip #1 Get Your Body Moving

Go for a walk outside or do a yoga or meditation class in your bedroom, getting embodied is one of the best ways to get out of your head and release all the built up stress and energy you have collected from your day. 

De-stress Tip #2 Start a Journal

Writing your thoughts out helps to give you perspective and can clear out some of the stories or worries that have been on replay in your head. You can be clear on what made you feel negatively and why. So that you are learning how to navigate your days better moving forward.

De-stress Tip #3 Technology Time Out

The amount of time you spend connected to technology can leave you feeling scattered, anxious and over stimulated. So try and take a break from your phone. Leave it at home whilst you walk around the block, head out for a yoga class or even schedule out some phone free time in your evening. Maybe while you’re cooking dinner, eating and winding down for the night. It will help you sleep more peacefully and feel more rested.

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De-stress Tip #4 Get Cooking at Home

Taking the time to nourish yourself with a home cooked meal helps to ground you and reminds you to prioritise looking after yourself. Put some music on. Throw on an apron and whip yourself up one of your favourites (it doesn’t need to be fancy it just needs to be cooked with love!)

De-stress Tip #5 Get Handy With Craft

Using your hands and getting creative helps to switch you out of your analytical mind (where we store our worries and stress) and into a more playful space where you can unleash the inner artist. Try an adult colouring book (it’s become the new go to for anxious adults), do some clay pottery, beading, painting or even start a jigsaw puzzle.

De-stress Tip #6 Read a Book

Reading forces your mind to be present which means that you get to switch off your stressful thoughts, absorb yourself in another world and live out another life. Make a cup of tea and wrap yourself up somewhere cozy as you settle into your favourite novel, magazine or audiobook.

Clay pottery on a wheel. tips to de-stress.

De-stress Tip #7 Try a Yoga Class

Yoga is the number one stress buster. And the beauty of it is you don’t even have to leave your living room. If the idea of going to a studio intimidates you or you can’t fit your schedule to the studio timetable, hop on YouTube and set yourself up for an at home yoga practice, there are classes for all levels and you can even get by at home without a yoga mat if you don’t have one.  

De-stress Tip #8 Talk to a Friend

Calling up a good friend, being able to talk out your worries and get some good advice and comfort always helps to lift the weight of the world off your shoulders. A bit of connection goes a long way and it’s likely that they too will appreciate you reaching out.

De-stress Tip #9 Pamper Yourself 

Nothing says ‘soothe me’ like an at home spa treatment! Run yourself a bath (if you don’t have a bathtub grab something to soak your feet in), put on a face mask, burn a scented candle and soak up the zen. 

De-stress Tip #10 Buy Yourself flowers or a gift

Flowers are a beautiful way to brighten your home and create more of a calming nourishing environment. Buying yourself flowers or something you’ve been wanting for a while is a little gesture that sits in your house as a reminder of self love and self care. It’s a symbol of sweetness and a great way to inspire you to be kinder and more patient with yourself.