Check Out These Asian Influencers Based in Melbourne

Asian Influencers. Melbourne is a city full of culture and is a great place to be an influencer. With so much to see and do, it’s hard not to be an influencer yourself as you share your experiences on Insta or Facebook. However, if you’re in Melbourne and want to follow an influencer to get some tips about being in the city, check out some of these influencers and why not give them a follow.

Kelly Ho

Kelly Ho, known as kellykelly.h on Instagram, is a Photographer and Content Creator based in Melbourne. Her Insta feed centres around fashion, lifestyle and beauty and she has a real eye for detail. She features some of Melbourne’s fine dining restaurants and great eateries that she visits, as well as day to day content that features various beauty products that she uses. Her instagram feed has a very chic and cool aesthetic to it and definitely inspires some sophisticated vibes. Give Kelly a follow if you’re looking for stylish content that features Melbourne.

Anna May

Anna May, also known as aurevoirdarling on Instagram, is a Melbourne lifestyle content creator and designer. Her content and digital designs have been featured in a few publications. In her bio she describes herself as a lover of Melbourne experiences – so she would be perfect to follow if you’re looking for inspiration on places to visit and things to experience whilst in the city. Her instagram feed, whilst very artistic, also has a fun and playful vibe to it. She features funky content of different food and eateries, and even sweets, as well as everyday lifestyle and beauty products. You may like her as her content is relevant and relatable which is a bonus. Give Anna a follow if you’re looking for every day content that is simple, easy and fun.

Donya Dadrasan

Donya Dadrasan, or as she calls herself in her Instagram bio, DD, is a musician from Melbourne who has a cute and music focused Instagram feed giving her content a bit of a unique feel. Donya posts her day to day activities, which includes her performances, or her hanging out with friends in Melbourne. She also features fashion content and likes to post photos and tag certain fashion brands – great if you’re looking for something new to add to your wardrobe. Her content is unique as it matches her vibe and her music. Donya would definitely be worth giving a follow if you are wanting something different to mix up your everyday Insta feed.


Thanh, also known as ieatblog, is a Melbourne food blogger who likes to post content that focuses on hidden gems around Melbourne. He likes to inspire his followers to experience food they otherwise might not have found. His content covers a wide range of cuisines, fine dining and cheap eats, there is something that is bound to stand out to you. If you’re looking to mix up your Insta feed with some delicious, wholesome food content, then give Thanh a follow! 

There are loads of incredible Instagram influencers based in Melbourne that give great information about the city, spots to eat and places to drink, plus loads more. It’s worth following content creators that you like as it’ll give you inspiration and insight into the city!

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