Make the Switch: Why living at our All-Inclusive Student Home can save you real money

Living the student housing life is an exciting time. However, it’s crucial that you live in a comfortable space that doesn’t cost a fortune! Between juggling moving out of home, learning how to budget, and of course, studying, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, The Switch is an all-inclusive student home, offering a fantastic option for students looking for comfortable and stylish housing, that also offers transparency of spendings.

Your first home away from home

The Switch is everything you have been longing for in housing and accommodation for quite some time! With locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth, we are an ideal choice for students, both local and international. It’s described as a unique living experience, and for good reason. The Switch houses like-minded young adults in similar situations, perfect for those moving out of home or to a new city for the first time.

Why transparency of costs is important

We take pride in knowing our accommodation and facilities are the ideal combination of affordability, flexibility, privacy, and community. Unlike other student housing accommodations, we are completely transparent about costs. We believe it’s important for students to have the peace of mind that there won’t be any hidden charges at the end of the month. This makes it so much easier for budgeting reasons, with you having only one cost for rent, and nothing else sprung upon you during your stay.

What’s included?

The Switch is super unique in its accommodation, with stylish facilities at your disposal. All of the rooms at The Switch are modern yet cozy. You have the option to live on your own, with someone else, or in shared accommodation.


The first thing you will notice is that everything is completely set up and furnished before you arrive! Half the stress of moving is buying and assembling furniture, so having this all provided for you is a major plus. The only thing you have to bring is bedding and your kitchen utensils, which – now be honest – won’t be much more more than a coffee mug, a bowl and some cutlery and chopsticks for your instant noodle soups 😉 Find your furnished accommodation checklist here!

2 bedroom apartment The Switch Perth


We also have an on-site gym with state-of-the-art training equipment and qualified trainers. The building has advanced security measures, all services are accessible via our app. And of course we have lovely, attentive staff in every building!

Some of our services are very typical for co-living accommodations, but some are very unique to The Switch. This includes The Honesty Kitchen – an in-house shop concept, that offers pantry items, food and drinks to our residents 24/7.

Honesty Kitchen and Laundry Area The Switch Perth © Studio MJA

Inclusions and money-savers

At The Switch you will have free access to:

  • Air conditioning and heating in every room!
  • Free use of The Switch’s laundry area with washers and dryers, saving you anywhere from $260-$468 per year!
  • Free use of bamboo bikes – perfect for short trips around the city and a great way to get out and explore! Plus, you save on public transport, Ubers, etc.!
  • Meeting rooms, cinema and media rooms, and private dining rooms are all free to use!
  • Access to the Sonder app, centred around health, safety, and wellbeing, which is 100% accessible and confidential.
  • Modern co-working spaces are also available, making studying or work much easier.
  • Access to a Tenant Portal from which you can pay rent or request any maintenance assistance.
  • Parcel and Food Lockers (not available in every location)

More perks that make the buildings of The Switch so attractive

The Switch is situated in fantastic locations in each city. This makes it far easier for you as a young adult trying to settle in. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals means you’ll instantly have others to explore your surroundings with. You can scout out your favourite coffee spot in Melbourne, check out all the lively bars around Sydney, embrace all the fresh produce at the markets in Perth, or find your favourite stroll along the coastline in Adelaide.

Reception The Switch Perth © Studio MJA

Community is key

Stepping out of your comfort zone is the most rewarding thing you can do as a young adult, and moving overseas, interstate, or out of home to study is definitely one way to do it.

The Switch embodies this notion, encouraging you to study, work, and cook alongside each other while sharing this unique student accommodation experience. Free events and games, like pool billiards, table tennis, and arcade games, are often hosted, as well as rooftop BBQ areas available for you to meet new friends – it is the essence and the soul of our all-inclusive student home.

Immersing yourself in the local music, art, and activity scene is also a core focus of The Switch. Festivals, road trips, sports, and cultural attractions are always encouraged and can be organised through our partners. This offers you so many fantastic opportunities to see parts of the city you might not have, as well as become engaged in the local culture.

Community Area The Switch Melbourne

Find something uncommon

The Switch offers you the opportunity to learn new skills during your stay. The things on offer include employment and recruitment skills, focusing on upskilling for industry expertise through networking and internship opportunities. Other unique and fun skills are also on offer, like cooking & painting, perfume making and more!

Studying abroad can be a daunting experience, so why not make the transition easier by choosing to live at The Switch? We continue to be transparent and have your best interests at heart, making for an unforgettable and rare experience.

The Switch is an affordable and all-inclusive student home that is unlike traditional student housing accommodation. The modern, comfortable, and friendly environment will help any young person transition into adulthood with ease. The inclusions are completely unique and will benefit you significantly during your stay.

The Switch