13 TikTok’s That Sum Up University For Students During COVID-19

These students are finding innovative ways to describe student life through university TikTok’s throughout isolation and social distancing during COVID-19.

Covid-19 has uprooted our lives in ways most of us have never experienced before. From needing to social distance at least 1.5m to not being allowed to gather with more than 2 people to state borders shutting down and a total international travel ban, it’s honestly been wild. One of the biggest upheavals we’ve seen is the changes to our education system (and not to mention student visas), with universities shutting down nation-wide and making the switch to online learning.

It’s been a challenging time for students trying to adapt to this new normal. And with so much limitation and free time, students have been getting quite creative in communicating how they’re feeling about isolation. Behold TikTok, the new phenomenon of right now that’s really taken the world by storm during this pandemic. From life hacks to ideas on what to do in isolation to hilarious sketches and everything-in-between, it has been a popular source of entertainment.

Here’s our favourite 15 TikTok’s that sums up university feels during Covid-19.

#1 University Buildings

When the pictures don’t always match up with the reality…an ode to the all the do not enter tape and scaffolding you’ve had to walk past.


when your tuition money just goes to the university tearing up sidewalks and putting them back together every week #universityoftennessee #college

♬ Just Give Me a Reason (feat. Nate Ruess) – P!nk

#2 Lectures

What you thought university lectures would be like versus what you’re actually experiencing.


#3 Study Notes

There are two type of people in this world…


#4 Managing Mental Breakdowns

When you want to have a mental breakdown but there’s just no time and you have to schedule it for later.


#5 Early Mornings

When literally all you have to do is move a couple metres for your early morning lecture… some things don’t change.


#6 Online Classes

There’s always at least one in every Zoom tutorial session.


I just wear whatever is comfortable and focus on making the material engaging ? do you spot your classmate? ? #imaboss #teacher #university #inclass

♬ Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

#7 Differences in Degrees

Sometimes it just feels like other degrees have got it easier than others. Sorry Business students.


#8 Staying Focused

When you’ve been studying for so long and it feels like you’re on your last brain cell.


#9 Lecturers and Tutors

Why was the two-hour class necessary if you could have just read through the slides yourself?


#10 Making Progress

When you want to feel like you’ve accomplished something because you’ve been fighting the devil known as procrastination all day.


#11 Assignment Submissions

That feeling when you finally submit that first assignment. The battle’s been won but the war is far from over.


#12 Cooking

When you’re living that student budget life.


#13 Cancelled Plans

The reality is, you are one of thousands who has had to put their life on hold and change university plans.


These are just a couple of ways students have been handling this pandemic. If you know of any more relatable university TikTok’s that sum up the experience send them through to us at The Switch!