Asian Fashion Designers in Melbourne

Asian fashion designers

Melbourne is known for its funky and eclectic culture and this definitely resonates into the city’s fashion scene. There are now so many incredibly talented and unique Australian fashion designers in the industry that are making their mark not only nationally, but also globally. We want to highlight a few Melbournian fashion designers and fashion shop owners so that you can get to know some local fashion. 

Amela by Melanie Grace

Amela by Melanie Grace is an emerging fashion label created in Melbourne. The label has been created and designed with a sustainable philosophy with the desire to make customers look and feel great, “without harming the earth”, as their Instagram bio states. The pieces are colourful and comfortable with the aim of being timeless and seasonless. Amela is not a fast fashion label, it has created staple pieces through natural fabrics and refreshed colour palettes that is unique to the brand. 

It is important to support brands like Amela as they represent grassroot Australian designers and labels that prioritise sustainability and quality in the fashion industry. This Melbournian created fashion label is definitely one to keep your eye on, and why not scroll on Amela’s website and see if you like any of the pieces from the new collection ‘Into the Headlands’. 


Incu was established in 2002 and has two retail stores in Melbourne, as well as other stores on the Gold Coast and in Sydney. Since its establishment, it has grown into an accomplished fashion and lifestyle business that not only stocks internationally renowned designers, but also their own ‘read-to-wear’ collection for men and women.

Through curating international and local designers, customers are exposed to various styles and pieces. The brands chosen to be stocked in Incu have been carefully picked by owners Brian and Vincent Wu. Their own ‘Incu Collection’ also has monthly drops. They strive to maintain an inclusive culture through their fashion stores. Incu is definitely a shop to visit when you’re next in Melbourne. 

Tri.nh Designs 

Trinh Nguyen is another emerging fashion designer from Melbourne and is the creative director of Triniex,her own clothing brand that will be launching very soon. Nguyen’s designs are incredibly unique, as she aims to blend both traditional and contemporary Asian fashion trends so that she remains true to her Asian heritage whilst also remaining current. 

She utilises both natural and synthetic water-resistant fabrics in her designs and through her pieces aims to deconstruct the expected social norms of gender through her unique and non-conventional tailoring techniques. Her pieces manifest inclusivity of all genders and therefore makes her label sustainable and bespoke. Her brand, Triniex, is definitely one to keep your eye on once it launches! 

Melbourne fashion really is a broad spectrum. No doubt once you visit the city you’ll start to see how much fashion is ingrained into the culture. Melbourne has been described as the country’s fashion capital for this reason! 

It is important to support and get around some budding fashion designers, especially if their label and designs are sustainability focussed. The fashion industry is changing rapidly and keeping up to date with it means supporting local established and emerging fashion designers! 

We’ve only listed a few here but go out and see for yourself all of the local brands that are situated around Melbourne, we’re sure you’ll find something you like!

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