Looking for Student Accommodation near UNSW? Why we think Kensington is Awesome. 

If you’re hunting for the perfect student accommodation near UNSW or one of the other top universities in Sydney, look no further than Kensington. This cozy suburb isn’t just another neighborhood; it’s a hotspot for students from all over the globe. Why? Well, it’s got great schools, sweet living options, and it’s easy to get around. Let’s dive into what makes Kensington a top choice for international students.

Student accommodation near UNSW
Image by Pip Christie/Unsplash

Educational Excellence

First off, Kensington is home to the University of New South Wales (UNSW), which is kind of a big deal in the academic world. It’s a place buzzing with students from every corner of the planet, offering loads of opportunities to learn and network. Living here means you can roll out of bed and be in class in minutes, not to mention all the cool events and resources right on your doorstep.

Connectivity and Transport

Getting around in Kensington is a breeze. There are buses zipping all over, taking you right into Sydney’s heart or out to the beaches whenever you feel like it. Whether you’re heading out for a study session in the city or a chill day by the sea, you’re connected to it all. For international students, this kind of connectivity is a game-changer. For more about public transport in Sydney and how to navigate it, visit this article.

Affordable Living

Sydney can be pricey, but Kensington is surprisingly wallet-friendly when it comes to finding a place to live. Whether you’re after a spot in a uni dorm or your own pad, there’s something for every budget here. Plus, it’s a bit quieter than more central areas, which is gold when you need to hit the books. And, surprise: The Switch is soon opening its first building in Kensington! Hello affordable student accommodation near UNSW! If you want to know more about our brand new building or book a tour, have a look here.

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Cultural Diversity

Kensington is as diverse as they come. With folks from all over the world calling it home, you’ll never feel like a stranger. The suburb’s vibrant mix of cultures makes it an exciting place to live, learn, and make friends from different backgrounds. There’s always some festival or eatery popping up that gives you a taste of global cultures right in your backyard.

Recreational Opportunities

Need a break from studying? Kensington has plenty of green spaces to unwind in, like the massive Centennial Park nearby. It’s perfect for a jog, a picnic, or just some downtime. Check out our article about Hidden Gems in Kensington!
And don’t forget, Sydney’s famous beaches like Coogee and Clovelly Beach are just a short ride away. Perfect for those days when only sand and surf will do.

Going Out

When it comes to having a good time out and about, Kensington and the neighboring Randwick area offer plenty of options to keep you on your feet.

If you’re keen on catching a flick, hit up the Ritz Cinema in Randwick. It’s got that old-school vibe and shows a mix of blockbusters and indie films without making your wallet cry. For those nights when you just wanna hang out, The Spot in Randwick is the place to be. It’s packed with awesome bars, tasty eats, and spots where live bands crank up the tunes.

Plus, don’t miss out on stuff like the Randwick Community Race Day—it’s a great excuse to socialize and soak in some Australian culture! So, whether you’re looking to kick back low-key with your pals or up for some lively vibes, Kensington and Randwick definitely deliver the goods.

Safety and Community

When you’re studying abroad, feeling safe is crucial. Kensington scores high in this department with its low crime rates and friendly vibes. Plus, the strong presence of campus security around UNSW means help is always at hand if you need it. At The Switch our students also profit from the security of their student accommodation, like electronic key systems, CCTV and 24/7 staff support.

Ken’t get enough of Kensington

All in all, Kensington is more than just convenient; it’s a place where you can thrive both academically and personally. It’s got the educational chops, cool living spots, and a killer location that makes everything accessible. If you want to make the most out of your time studying in Sydney, Kensington should definitely be on your radar. So come and check out our new student accommodation near UNSW in Kensington – It’s not just a place to study; it’s a place to live it up!