What is NRAS and Am I Eligible?

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) provides low income earners with affordable rent in Australia. Are you eligible? Read this article to find out.

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What does NRAS stand for?
How does NRAS work?
Am I eligible to join the scheme?
NRAS Accommodation at The Switch

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What does NRAS stand for?

NRAS stands for the National Rental Affordability Scheme. The scheme, created by the Australian Government, commenced in 2008 (and updated in 2020) and aims to provide more affordable housing for people renting in Australia.

But don’t be fooled by the long name, it’s technical jargon. Across the country, it’s commonly known as NRAS and as expected, you probably haven’t heard of it. Why? We’re not sure, but the good thing is you’re here now, you’re ready to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to save on your rent. Want to find out if you’re eligible for NRAS?

Read on! 

How does NRAS work?

If you hadn’t guessed it yet, The Switch is making sure as many young renters have access to NRAS as possible. At The Switch Perth Central, we’ve reduced market rents by at least 20% for a limited number of our studio apartments. So if you’re quick, you can sign a lease with us and save on your all-inclusive weekly rent 

Is NRAS Social Housing?

Not at all, NRAS is a scheme built for private rental homes. Signing a lease for an NRAS studio rental at The Switch is no different to any other private apartment, accommodation or house you may otherwise rent. It’s simply just cheaper. But there is just one catch – you need to be eligible. 

NRAS approved residents
A limited number of private rooms at The Switch are available for NRAS approved residents.

Am I eligible to join the scheme?

The NRAS scheme is aimed at low to moderate income earners – perfect for students and professionals in a market that’s becoming ever more expensive for young people like you. 

Are you eligible? If you can check off the points below, you are able to apply for an NRAS Studio at Perth Central:

  • You must be an Australian resident OR have a visa to work or study in Australia (such as a student visa)
  • You must have earned* less than $52,795 in the 12 months prior to taking on a lease
  • You’re a couple and have a combined earnings of less than $72,993 in the 12 months prior to taking on a lease

*Please note that ‘income’ is classified as any money you receive in your bank account, whether it be support from parents or otherwise. 

If you’ve answered YES to both of these, you’re eligible to apply to the NRAS scheme to start saving at least 20% per week on your rent at The Switch!

How do I apply for NRAS accommodation at The Switch?

What are the next steps to claiming your discounted rent? Get in touch with our friendly staff via perthcentral@www.switchliving.com.au or call 08 6158 0470 to get your application started and most importantly, start saving.